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The M-Base Collective began around 1984
Some people who have been involved in this movement by participating in the music and or influenced the spirit of the music:


Steve Coleman alto
Greg Osby soprano/alto
Gary Thomas tenor
Ravi Coltrane tenor/soprano
Jimmy Cozier baritone
Malik Mezzadri
Branford Marsalis soprano/tenor
Yosvany Terry soprano/alto/tenor
D'Armous Boone tenor
Craig Handy tenor
Lance Bryant tenor
David Murray tenor
Von Freeman tenor
Bunky Green alto
Steve Williamson tenor
Greg Tardy tenor

Brass Instuments:

Graham Haynes trumpet and cornet
Robin Eubanks
Ralph Alessi trumpet  and The School for Improvisational Music (SIM)
Jonathan Finlayson trumpet
Ambrose Campbell-Akinmusire trumpet
Geoffroy DeMasure trombone
Josh Roseman trombone
Roy Hargrove trumpet
Shane Endsley trumpet
George Lewis trombone
Nbate Isles trumpet
Tim Albright trombone


Jean-Paul Bourelly
Rory Stuart
Kelvyn Bell
David Gilmore
Kevin McNeal
Takahiko Suzuki Guitar and Computer Programmer

Piano and Keyboards:

Geri Allen
James Weidman
Andy Milne
Vijay Iyer
Jason Moran
Robert Mitchell
Edward Simon
Muhal Richard Abrams

Kim Clark electric bass
Kevin Bruce Harris electric bass
Reggie Washington electric bass
Anthony Tidd electric (and his group Quite Sane)
MeShell N'degecello electric bass
David Dyson electric bass
Matthew Garrison electric bass
Lonnie Plaxico acoustic and electric bass
Dave Holland acoustic bass
Kenny Davis acoustic bass
Bob Hurst acoustic bass

Drums and Percussion:

Dafnis Prieto
Sean Rickman Drums and Percussion
Oliver Gene Lake Drums and Percussion
Ramon Garcia Perez (Sandy)
Anga (Miguel Diaz) Percussion
Marvin "Smitty" Smith Drums and Percussion
Mark Johnson Drums
Josh Jones Percussion
Larry Banks Drums
Terry Lynn Carrington Drums
Chander Sarjoe Drums
Mark Prince Drums
Roberto Vizcaino Percussion
Mark Gilmore Drums and Stick
Camille Gainer Drums
Marivaldo Dos Santos  Percussion
Jesus Diaz Percussion
Michael Wimberly Percussion
Jalal Sharriff Percussion
Kwe Yao Agyapan Percussion
Ronnie Roc Percussion
Dave Frazier Percussion
Ramesh Shotham Indian Percussion
AfroCuba De Matanzas Percussion/Vocals/Dance
Tani Tabbal Drums
Junior "Gabu" Wedderburn Percussion

Vocalists and Lyricists:
Cassandra WilsonVocalist
Jen Shyu
D.K. Dyson Vocalist

Najma Akhtar Vocalist
Yassir Chadly Vocalist
Black Indian Lyricist and Rapper
Kokayi Lyricist and Rapper and Opus Akoben
Timbuk (a.k.a. Sub-Zero) Lyricist and Rapper and Opus Akoben
Utasi Lyricist and Rapper
Shahliek Lyricist and Rapper
Malik Lyricist and Rapper
Black Thought Lyricist and Rapper
Andrea the Great Lyricist and Rapper
Dave Mills Poet
Patricia Magalhaes Poet
Air Smooth Lyricist and Rapper


Rosangela Silvestre Dancer
Laila Jenkins Dancer
Vera Passos Santana Dancer
Don Byron Clarinet
Derrick Davis Flute
Ezra Greer Sampler and Bassist
Miya Masaoka Japanese Koto
Maia Claire Garrison Dancer
Lacine Wedderburn Dancer
Maria Mitchell Dancer
Tom Goodwin Philosophy


Sophia Wong Sooya Arts, Management and Road Manager
Joseph Marciano Recording Engineer (Systems Two)
Nancy Marciano Music Production Assistant (Systems Two)
Eve-Marie Breglia Documentation
Dimitri Louis
AJ Fielder Creative Consultant

Most of the ideas behind the M-Base Conception involve using music to express life. Although this sounds vague, the only way to really understand music is to listen to it. Some aspects of music cannot be adequately described using words. In spite of this, in the future we will use this web page primarily to distribute information on things related to and coming out of M-Base Conception

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